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2018/08/19 A Sonic Generations (GENS) Skin Mod in the Other/Misc category, submitted by Keyush[BR] Browsing history matches: [] Login Login Become a member today and start sharing your creations! Sign up Receive these membership benefits: Sonic 06 Project (work in progress): Takes the world and the majority of the levels from 06 and can now play it on Generations. 06 was terrible and nothing can change poor level design, but its at least bearable playing on the


Download Sonic GMI. Find the latest version here []. You will need a program like 7Zip [] or WinRAR [] to use it. Go to your Sonic Generations folder which can be found here: This is a Sonic.EXE Mod for Sonic Generations! I have been working on this ever since the release of Sonic.EXE: The Game, I will release this mod as soon as everything is finished! Only registered members can share their thoughts. 2015/03/21 This mod collection includes all of Sonic Generations mods included in this list in one neat place so it's easier to download and it's including guides and installations. Google Drive: Mod Collection [] Credit to Idan for idea of the Mods Collection and Basic Mods Collection on Google Drive. Sonic Generations Mods Featured Sonic Generations: CyBTeam Hard Mod 1.2 (Bêta) 3.76 MB 41 downloads Featured Sonic Coolerations: Green Hill 702 KB 24 downloads Featured Planet Wisp - All in One Pack 1.0 12

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